Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sketch Muscat 10

 Yesterday afternoon, was the Muscat Sketchers first outside event of the winter (it's too hot outside in the summer). We were a very small group out sketching, but we all had fun with some fab results. Unfortunately, the event clashed with several other things like The Barney Show, which meant several mum's couldn't come.
This is me struggling with my 1st sketch.
 This was a return visit to the gardens at Wadi Al Azaiba for the group. I don't appear to have blogged about the first event in March, but then this has been a strange year. The garden has been designed by Parisian landscape architect Jacqueline Osty and this is just the first phase of a much larger garden planned for this area. I saw her speak at the Muscat Art Festival in February, which inspired me to plan an event here.
A few of the remaining sketchers at the end of SketchMuscat 6.
With only 5 weeks until my exhibition, I had spent the morning fighting myself to work on a drawing and really wasn't in the mood for sketching. Consequently, my first sketch was a disaster. However the garden worked its magic and just sketching weaved it's usual spell on me, and my second (last) sketch was much better. 
My last sketch, badly photographed on site.
 All too soon the afternoon was over, we took our group photo and headed our seperate ways... mine was to my new home in a fishing village outside Muscat and a lovely run on the beach with Degas.
30 seconds from my house. Photo by Gavin.
 Where do you like to sketch? Why not leave me a comment saying where?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Handbag portraits

Mahir. A6 sketchbook 23 Sept
I carry a small A6 sketchbook in my handbag; most of the time it doesn't get taken out. Over the last few months it appears I have used it for portraits and thought I would share them today. They are all of young Omani BP trainees.
Hatem, A6 sketchbook, 4th August

Mahmoud, A6 sketchbook, 4th July

Salim, A6 sketchbook, 17th Sept
What do you think? Do you have a sketchbook you carry around all the time? What do you sketch in it? Why not leave a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumnal signs

28th Sept
Last weekend, whilst I had a little spare time here in UK, I tried to capture some of the British autumn. Unfortunately, I haven't stopped running around nor touched my sketchbook since. 
Dad's tomato plant 29th Sept
 Let me know if you like these, or would like to see more. Thanks.