Friday, June 28, 2013

My beautiful distraction.

My beautiful girl - Degas.
Whilst drawing and sketching is on a go-slow, I thought I would share this photo of my beautiful distraction - little Degas.
Sketches of Degas chewing a rawhide bone. A5 sketchbook
I literally picked her up off the street, outside work, on the industrial estate on the 1st April. I am so pleased I did as she is a joy, even when driving me to distraction. She has the sweetist nature and loves everyone, although in return she expects attention 24/7, which she gets as she is very spoilt.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preparing for 4th International Urban Sketching Symposium

Forgotten sketch #1: Degas Pencil A5 sketchbook early June
 When I heard that the next Urban Sketching Symposium was going to be in Barcelona this year, I told myself I had to go. I set an alarm for when registration opened on March 25th and wooped with delight as I secured myself a place. I bounced around the room as I also got a place on my first choice workshop, conducted by Argentinian architect Norburto Durantes. (Check out his work here). I chose workshops that would complement my style and yet push me to develop further. I contacted friends in Barcelona, booked flights and accommodation, and started the countdown to the big event.
Forgotten sketch #2: A Quriyat lane pen in A5 from car
The Symposium starts in just under 3 weeks, 11th July, and the sketching world - flickr, blogs, facebook - is full of people's excitement and preparations. Unfortunately, I don't know if I can/should now attend as Mum remains in hospital. I fly to UK on 5th so I hope to decide then. Consequently, my preparation is minimal... I've reordered business cards to give out, and Moo is printing some postcards too. I need to buy a pen for Norburto's workshop, but unfortunately need to locate one in UK as I'm out of time for delivery to Oman.
My smoothie. Pencil & watercolour A5 sketchbook

Despite what I wrote in my last post, you will see I've posted 2 sketches from earlier this month...  I must have been subconsciously sketching... I found them in my new sketchbook when I met a friend on Friday to sketch. Unfortunately, whilst Friday's venue and company was great, the sketching was a struggle as the 2 sketches show.
A two-handed tea drinker. Direct with watercolour in A5 sketchbook.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Snow in Oman

EDiM #12 The oldest thing in your fridge.
Sorry, I am still here, I just need a short hiatus from blogging. In fact, I've been having a break from art. I have not sketched since last month and I've only spent about an hour on an overdue commission, with around 27 hours needed to complete it.
#27 Draw something sticky: Omani dates with #20 my favourite drink: tea... complete with Degas' teeth marks.
My mum remains in hospital and whilst there have been small improvements the overall prognosis is not good. My father has carers coming in several times a day to look after him, plus kind neighbours keeping an eye on him. Finally, a lovely lady is walking Nelson for them.

At the end of May, I continued with some of the EDiM challenges, and despite the unforeseen circumstances, including not starting until 3rd, I completed 19/31. In 2010, I drew 30/31. maybe next year I can do them all. I cheated on the last challenge which was draw a houseplant as I don't have any. Instead, a friend & I went for a sketchy lunch where we thought they'd have some. There were plenty of plants outside, but none in, so I drew my cake. Sorry it's a really bad scan.
Not #31 EDiM
Here in Oman, my life has been taken over by my puppy who is very good, for a puppy, but has a very large mischievious streak. Hence the evidence below and post title.
SNOW - aka Degas killed her cushion.
 I should have picked the cushion up instead of getting photographic evidence
Due to finances and Degas I will not be leaving Oman soon, though I will visit mum & dad next month (and see if I can still attend the Urban Sketchers Symposium). I am getting Degas blood tested ready to travel back to Europe, although it takes 3 months for results to come through. The plan is still to move to Barcelona as it is only a couple of hours away from mum & dad.

I apologise for not regularly visiting your blogs, but I will visit when I can.