Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life drawing class

For the first time in a very long time, on Monday morning I attended a drop-in life drawing class. I was quite pleased with the results, especially on the quick poses, but reverted to drawing "as-you-are-supposed-to" rather than like me for the final long pose :(    It was the first time I had drawn in pencil for a while too, and loved using the 5B for the strong bold strokes, at least until the end when I got all tight and precious about my drawing. Oh well, it was a learning experience.
Above are 2 of the drawings from the morning, the first a 20 minute pose and the bottom one a 35 minute pose, which I moved around to get the three viewpoints.

On the Friday before, after writing in Pompeii that it was to cold to draw outside here in Europe, it was a beautiful morning when I got to Napoli airport, so I stood outside sketching the smokers and phone users.  Then, whilst waiting to board, I drew the man with his laptop (Bottom right).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Too cold to sketch outside...

for longer than 5 mins. Today I took out my sketchbook for the first time this week; last time was in transit in Dubai International airport. Here is one of the three drawings; it's not my trolley.

This afternoon, I was in the archaeological site of Pompeii. Being December, Europe, and late afternoon, after 5 minutes sketching I had to stop and start walking as I felt my hands were going numb, consequently I only did two quick sketches. I think this photo captures the essence of the afternoon.

After walking around Pompeii for an hour and half I had to find a cafe for a warming hot chocolate. Here are my 2 five minute sketches, unfinished.

Here is one of my favourite photos - stepping stones over wheel ruts.

Finally, photos of the Christmas lights in Pompeii's main square.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eid holiday - a week of sketching...

Saturday 28th November.
I went to put my rubbish in the bin on the way to the car, and spotted this stray dog trying to find food in the bins. I whipped out my sketchbook, which since Sept is always in my bag, and drew these couple of sketches before a car scared him off.

Later that evening, I just had to finish up the delicious lemon liquor I'd bought in South Africa. The bottle was hand decorated, as I'd bought it in a little delicatessen, so worthy of drawing. The glass was added as an after-thought for scale, and I think the drink made me put the lines in the wrong place. 

Sunday 29th November.
After I got home from drawing the fort (posted earlier this week here), I went to an expats' haunt, Darcys, for lunch. Preferring the prawn sandwich, which is only served in MQ branch, I went there. The sandwich was unavailable, no prawns, but as I sat outside I drew the plant and lamp in front of me, so prawns or not it was a good lunch.

Monday 30th November.
I was not feeling 100%, but noticing my Aloe plant, which I have nursed since a young plant for 3.5 years, had produced a flower, I did this 5 minute colour sketch.

Tuesday December 1st.
This morning I don't feel well, a cold, headache, sickness BAH. What shall I draw??? Nothing, going back to bed.

After procrastinating for several hours, feeling sorry for myself, I finally drew the view from the lounge, as I liked the colours on the washing line. 

Wednesday December 2nd.
Spent the day sightseeing with a friend, who decided to come for a last-chance visit to Oman. I started sketching this in the Al Bustan Palace Hotel over a cup of tea. I do not remember seeing this instrument played before. Unfortunately, he took a break before I had finished drawing.

Thursday December 3rd.
I had a very difficult day with a mile long to-do list, so I did a quick sketch sitting outside at the Lazy Lizard bar, whilst my friend was away from the table.

Friday December 4th.
I made it, a week of sketching! What a long way I have come since starting this blog in September (3 months ago) and writing that I hoped to draw or sketch at least once or twice a month. 

Today, noticing how much the flower on the aloe has grown this week, and with the IF theme Entangled about to expire, I thought I would draw the whole plant. The plant has both got entangled in itself and within the gazebo. The complete drawing is here. I intend to either continue in pen later, or to colour it. I have not decided yet.

In the afternoon, my visiting friend and I went to Al Bustan Palace Hotel again, this time to have their afternoon tea, which was fabulous. My friend was nearing the end of her book, so whilst she read I did some sketches. First, various bits and pieces from the tea.

Then I drew the violinist, which I found difficult as she kept changing the angle of the violin, moving her arms and hands.
Finally, some orchids in a vase near our table.

I miss my scanner, which is in transit, so I've had to take photos of all these sketches. Hopefully, we will be reunited late Dec or beginning of the new year. Until then, I'm sorry for the quality of reproductions on this blog.

Friday, December 4, 2009

IF - Entangled

It is Friday morning and I am very late to submit this, but luckily I'm on a different time zone to Illustration Friday. I think, my aloe plant, which is both entangled in itself and entangled in the gazebo, perfectly matches the theme. Working in situ, I drew the outline with the intention of  either colouring the illustration or continuing in pen. I will post the final illustration when it is finished.  In the meantime...