Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3 weeks in June: UK sketches

Armed with a new Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook, the 1st of June saw me in Muscat International departures. My assistant was also flying with me, but down in the hold, for a 3 month long trip in the UK. Killing time I sketched some of the people in the lounge and recorded this thought about the sketchbook: "I've not tried one before, but so far I'm impressed by how the ink goes on."
 I've been very busy with family stuff, so it was a week later I tried out watercolour in the Seawhite. On Facebook I wrote "I'm loving the Seawhite sketchbook so far. Lots of water and glazes on this, but the page has barely wrinkled. Shame the sketch is overworked."
The following day, Wilkin & Sons Ltd. (THE jam makers) had an open farm day. With so many changes, Degas didn't like being left so I popped there quickly and sketched the people tasting jams. I sat under a tree and added the colour before I dashed home
Next, was a sketch of me NOT watching the opening match of the World Cup football.
The following day, I went to London to attend the artists' evening at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Having just missed a train, I started to draw the footbridge between platforms. The next train arrived too soon, so on board I added the colour to the unfinished sketch.
At the RA later that day, I sketched the people enjoying the sunshine and drinks in the courtyard.
 The next evening England were playing their match and a neighbour had a pre-match barbeque. Feeling like a peeking Tom, I quickly sketched them from an upstairs window.
 The football theme continued with my next sketch - a slice of an England football cake.
and the next...
In between have been a few attempts to draw Degas, but she is loving the green fields and freedom and barely sits still. Here's a photo instead.
Goldhanger, UK 21 June
 What and where have you sketched this month? Why not tell me in a comment?