Thursday, December 10, 2009

Too cold to sketch outside...

for longer than 5 mins. Today I took out my sketchbook for the first time this week; last time was in transit in Dubai International airport. Here is one of the three drawings; it's not my trolley.

This afternoon, I was in the archaeological site of Pompeii. Being December, Europe, and late afternoon, after 5 minutes sketching I had to stop and start walking as I felt my hands were going numb, consequently I only did two quick sketches. I think this photo captures the essence of the afternoon.

After walking around Pompeii for an hour and half I had to find a cafe for a warming hot chocolate. Here are my 2 five minute sketches, unfinished.

Here is one of my favourite photos - stepping stones over wheel ruts.

Finally, photos of the Christmas lights in Pompeii's main square.