Sunday, January 31, 2010

A winter industrial view.

My new apartment in Turin has a view of the mountains, over the rooftops of several factories. In my view, I actually have two cranes, which are on the other side of the river, alongside a gas container. On the mountain tops are power and satellite pylons. What a difference from my mountain view in Muscat. At least today the sun was out, although it's not in my picture. 


  1. My view is a lot like this most of the time. Not so much the cranes, but the roof lines and blocked views.

  2. great blog by the way.

    I suffer from wander-lust myself, but it very good for your art, I reckonm takes you away from the usual forces to see new things in new ways...even the beauty in the light on a dull day at the "construction" end of town ... this is a wonderfully delicate watercolour, despite its subject

  3. "Congratulations for your blog, I like the drawings with the cranes. If I have located the area where you live, they could belong to the site where they are building the new faculty of law (design by Norman Foster + some local architects)" wrote Andrea by email.

    From my watercolour, I am flattered that anyone could locate where I had drawn from, & I AM exactly where he thought.

  4. I really like this delicate water color as well. The juxtaposition of the tree branches and the crane is fascinating.


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