Sunday, April 10, 2011

ta da working again

WIP: Secret Garden.
WIP: Storm over Beirut II

Despite arranging the Doha WorldWide SketchCrawl (this Friday 15th), meeting journalists for interviews, arranging to see potential clients for commissions and everything else that has to be done, I have started drawing again. ta da 

The three WIP on the wall are progressing and I have decided that comfort eating doesn't help, but drawing gnarly trees is perfect.

btw on a technical note: I have gone back to using Rotring pens after buying some in Beirut last month. Let's see if they replace my favourite Staedtler Pigment Liners. So far, the ink is definitely blacker but the 0.1 nib is wider, why?

THREE WIPs with Secret Garden in the centre.