Sunday, January 22, 2012

34th WW SketchCrawl - Muscat

Omani lady at Royal Opera House Muscat
This Muscat sketchcrawl didn't go to plan and so I ended up sketching in the new Royal Opera House as I waited to see/hear the Syrian singer Omar Sarmini. 
ROH staff
I arrived early as I had to collect my ticket and so drew 2 of the staff chatting by a doorway.
Main foyer in ROH
I then moved into the main foyer where I sketched some of the ladies standing around.
Indian ladies at ROH Muscat
Then, when I reached my seat I sketched a couple of Omanis sat in the box below me.
In a box 
All sketches were done with a 0.1 pen in my A5 sketchbook.