Friday, January 18, 2013

Jungle scenes aka theatrical life drawing

One of the final poses. That's me with a closed sketchbook - oops
 I am currently having a short UK holiday to see my family. Last Sunday saw me in London for my first visit of the year. I arranged to meet artist Cathy Read and for us both to attend Dibujo London's theatrical life drawing in the Barbican Centre's conservatory. Cathy & I have been in contact for several years through social media. It was lovely to finally meet face-toface and to draw together.
I'm drawing 3rd from the left with Cathy next to me in the hat.
We started off with various warm-up drawing exercises followed by the story interspersed with poses (averaging about 10/15 mins each). I'm fairly pleased with the drawings I made, especially the direct watercolour sketches but unfortunately due to the non-existent broadbandwidth I cannot upload any of the images... nor my photos from the day. So here are the photos taken by one of the organisers Karina Ellen. 
 Please check out Cathy's paintings on her site, she's just started one inspired by our day out.

It you are interested in future events, Dibujo London can be found at

Edit: If you go to I have managed to upload some of my drawings there.


  1. An amazing idea for sketching...I can just about make out your sketch in the photo!

    1. It is, isn't it? I've now managed to add some of my drawings to the post on my site, if you want to see them.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the meet up. the sketching looks fun! xx

  3. glad to see you are still busy sketching!! and happy about it too.

  4. Hi Sue! I heard from Gillian that you were back in the UK. Great to see you're still busy sketching (and travelling!!). I bet that session was fun.

  5. Thank you constantly your art is amazing, great blog. Australia.

  6. We've been doing short (15 minute) oil sketches in my class. They are difficult!!! I know it's good training for me. One day I'd love to begin to approach your abilities.


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