Friday, February 15, 2013

Hidden Beauty. Festival Face No.7

Hidden Beauty. Ink. 36x26cm ©Sue Pownall 2013
On 21st November I made the first guide pencil marks on this drawing and it has been lurking ever since.
From starting it, I've ...

  finished Festival Face #6, you can see her here,
drawn and donated a drawing for a charity exhibition,
had a commission to do,
arranged & attended 2 sketching events,
had a stall for my art at a winter fair,
produced 2 illustrations for The Story Shack,
and spent 3 weeks on holiday in UK.

I guess that's enough reasons for it to have taken so long. 


  1. You have been a busy girl! Marvelous line work, as usual, Sue :)

  2. Your work opens windows for all of us onto another culture. Thanks...
    May I ask ... the part that covers her face.... this isn't a burka or is it?

    1. Marian it's a niqab, which is designed to cover part of a face. A burqa covers the body as well as face.

  3. Wonderful drawing Sue. Such a map of life on that face :0)

  4. she looks very sweet, i don't know how you caught that moment. Nice work.


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