Monday, September 23, 2013

The Children's Museum

2nd in coffee shop project.
On Saturday, Muscat Sketchers gathered for the 9th Muscat Sketch event at the Children's museum. It is still too hot to sketch outside (around 40°C / 104°F at noon). As with our last event I stopped at a nearby coffee shop first to add a second drawing in my concertina Moleskin sketchbook, but was unable to finish it on site as I had to meet the group. Consequently, I added some darker tones at home.
One of Kim's boys at the Children's museum.
During the morning, eight sketchers drew various exhibits and Kim's two children enjoyed testing them out. To me, it seemed a very provincial science museum from the 80s, but it seems very popular with families, and the children certainly had fun.
5 mins outside in 40°C
with colour added at home.
My internal sketch was not very successful, as I tried to get an impression of the general scene, but I'm happier with the 5 minute sketch of the building I made at midday. I had to add colour at home, as I couldn't stand outside any longer than necessary to get a few guidelines down. I should have drawn it when I arrived, but it was already in the 30s then, so wouldn't have been much better.
The remaining 5 (of 8 sketchers) show off their sketches.