Sunday, February 15, 2015

Digital drawings and a dozy dog.

On Friday, I took Degas to the vets and sketched her as she fought the sedative she was given. She had xrays on her bad leg. There were no obvious fractures or other skeletal problem, but they are being sent for a second opinion. So the question remains, why is she still limping and not getting better?
8th Feb Experimenting with digital drawing.
Last weekend, I finally got a tab and having tried my first digital sketch at the last Urban Sketchers Symposium (click here to see it)  downloaded a couple of apps. Thanks Omar Jaramillo for the app info. Check out his great watercolours here. These are my first digital doodles:
9th Feb. Still playing. Digital sketch of Korean teacup.
9th Feb. More doodles.
11th hmm need to buy a stylus!
10th Feb. 1st ‪digital‬ ‪sketch‬ of Degas. Unfortunately, the background didn't look so dark in the app.
Final things from this week:

Although I'm only three quarters of the way through the Monologue A5 sketchbook, which I started 27th December at the
Winter Wonderland sketchcrawl, I have abandoned it. The main reasons are the perferations and the wrinkling of the paper when water is applied. I tried 2 pages of a Canson but the ink smudges, so I will probably go back to my favourite Daler Ebony sketchbooks.

I started tutoring the mixed media course and will report on that at another time. The first course photo can be seen on my facebook page and instagram @suepownallartist15

Uprooted, 28x17cm Watersoluble ink. Available to purchase.
Lastly, I have a finished drawing, the first of the year, seen here. It's a bit of an experiment as I used watersoluble ink.

What have you done this week?