Monday, March 16, 2015

Focusing on something different.

Spring greenhouse ©Sue Pownall 2015
It's been a busy couple of weeks. I had a weekend away and my poor assistant has been in Queen's Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge for surgery on her elbows. She now needs lots of love and cuddles to help her recover.

My assistant is feeling sorry for herself.
I have mainly been creative in a photographic way, apart from a couple of sketches. The above one was drawn at my friend's house in Cheltenham over the course of 2 cups of tea, finishing just in time for breakfast. (sorry the scan has lost some of the watercolour details and turned it pink too). We have had surprisingly clear blue skies, which has made the UK spring look prettier. Here's a few examples... and a fire as the nights are still cold.
Cheltenham ©Sue Pownall 2015
Reflections in yellow, Cambridge. ©Sue Pownall 2015
Bath. ©Sue Pownall 2015
A single stem. ©Sue Pownall 2015
Abingdon. ©Sue Pownall 2015

 What have you done this week?