Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries Workshop Part 1

1st drawing of workshop. ©Sue Pownall 2015
With Degas on the mend, I was able to attend the UrbanSketchers Coventry workshop this week. However, needing to leave her with the dogsitter for as short a period as possible, I arrived almost on time for the start of the first workshop, but missed the night before's drink and draw registration event. I also left before the end on Friday, partially due to Friday/end of Easter week traffic, but also as I wanted to see how she was. In between was a great event, arranged and tutored by Isabel Carmona, Swasky, and Simone Ridyard.
On the wall at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

With no time to settle, it was straight in with recording the old cathedral in Swasky's workshop on Bending the Floor. The result is above, and I have to confess it's my favourite of the three days. The workshop was ran alongside the Recording Britain exhibition, at the Herbert, and copies of our drawings are there until the end of the month.

The second exercise was more complex, and although I didn't do it correctly, I am also pleased with my representation of the Herbert and adjacent university buildings. (below)  

In the afternoon we drew lots of portraits of each other, which was fun, and Simone took this great photo of us (below).
Exhaused, we retired to the nearby pub for food, drinks, and, of course, more sketching.
Drinking and drawing
Cathedral in evening light. Sorry about the poor photo.
 Parts 2 and 3 will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you come back to check them out. Please remember I love receiving your comments.