Sunday, August 9, 2015

Drawing August

Degas sunbathing. Inktense Pencil in Daler sketchbook
Still struggling with a missing drawing mojo, amongst other things, I started #DrawAugust which is a twitter hashtag challenge.

Back in January, for Liz Steel's Sketching Foundation course, I sketched the fence which divides the house from the neighbours. Now, in summer I resketched it as part of a changing story and as a record of my parents' garden.
Following that, I did another sketch from the garden. This time the ripening apples on the neighbour's overhanging apple tree.  
A very quick sketch of the birdbath was done on the 3rd.Whilst today I have sketched Degas sunbathing in it. 
Ripening apples. Ink & watercolour in Daler

I aim to do more garden drawings over the month, which I'll share here. What are you doing this week?