Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sketches this week

I am not very happy with this sketch, and am posting it in order to get some help.The initial pencil sketch was done in situ, then with the call-for-prayer and lots of people arriving I hurriedly left. I think I have tried too hard to produce a good drawing and it seems both over and under worked. Initially, I planned to do a line drawing only, so I don't think it was helped by my cross hatching later. I recognised I need to practice semicircles.so tried to hide the bad lines. :(

The above sketches were done this afternoon, whilst I was waiting for students to turn up. A workman was outside the room installing new plumbing and I spent about 5 minutes drawing him.

The sketches were done in 2 different sketchbooks, the mosque on A5 and the other in my handbag's A6 sketchbook.