Sunday, November 28, 2010

The secret...

...I'm exhibiting in Muscat on the 6th and 7th December, that's in one week, and it's my first ever! So now you now the reason for the art confidence crisis. At this point I must say a big THANKS to Sandra of Sandra Draws who's been at the receiving end of lots of emails and has written back all the nice things I needed to hear.

Anyway, I’m participating in a group show, which is part of a 2-day event to celebrate 40 years of His Majesty The Sultan of Oman’s rule. It is organised by the Oman-Africa group and will consist of art, culture, shows and entertainment.

Why am I participating? My Oman/African connection is that I fell in love with Sudan earlier this year, I’ve visited several African countries, I used to live in Oman, and, most importantly, I was asked. Thanks Martin! I will post the pictures after the event. There was a sneak preview of one drawing in progress in my last post and below are all three pieces in progress.
Works in progress.

The event is at the Oman Women's Association Hall, Qurum, Oman 
(nr Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Opera House), 
on 6th and 7th December, from 10-10pm daily. 
Pop by if you can.