Monday, May 23, 2011

Out of the handbag II

Ladies waiting and guys studying A6 sketchbook.
I realised that I haven't posted anything from my A6 sketchbook for a while, so above are sketches done during recent exams and from the ladies waiting room at the hospital.

Personal stuff:
Thank you to everyone who has sent me best wishes with my continuous headaches. I have a new doctor, a neuro-surgeon who wanted to find the cause rather than treat symptoms like last doc. So, I had another eye test, fine, then a very scary CAT scan, all clear. However, a spinal x-ray has show a problem with my neck. I am currently typing this wearing a neck-brace and have to have physio, in the form of traction ugh. I have been wearing the brace just a day and I have not had a single sign of a headache :D