Friday, July 22, 2011

My seven links.

Khalifa's Gate, Omdurman.Pen & ink 400x200mm ©Sue Pownall 2010
The My 7 Links Project was generated by TripBase to "unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavour to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again." Bloggers list their Top 7 Links in the following categories and then tag others and so it goes on.

I was tagged for this project by Lisa, who does a fabulous job as a travel concierge, and arranging travel reservations, weddings and more, at Wanderlust Women Travel.  Please pop over to her website.  


Here are a selection of my past posts, which I think deserve this trip back in time:

My most beautiful post:
For me has to be the featuring of the first of my new Decay Series drawings, which has subsequently sold. Decay.
Darragh's House. Pen & ink. 320 x 200mm. © Sue Pownall 2011

My most popular post:
My art based resolutions for 2011 had the most hits, still continues to get regular hits, and had one of the highest number of comments.

My most controversial post:
I don't really do controversy, but at the beginning of this year my stats showed that someone had searched for Cute Eritrean Guys and landed on my art. Consequently, I used that as my next blog title to show my sketches & photos of the ATP tennis final.

My most helpful post &
a post I felt didn’t get the attention it deserved:
I am trying to use my art for good so two posts that mean a lot to me. 
First, the 31st WW Sketchcrawl Doha-Japan benefit, which I organised in Doha to raise funds for Japan following this year's earthquakes. This is the post which I wish had got more attention, so I could have raised more money.
Second, the post for the current exhibition for Scottish charity Trees for Life for which I donated a drawing. Please go to the website and you can buy my original drawing, or one of the others that have been submitted, for only £45 and 100% of profits will go to the charity.
The President's Tree, pen & ink, 160 x 230mm © Sue Pownall 2011

NB: A friend is organising a charity cycle ride for the end of September for CLAN cancer support and I will be donating towards their raffle too. Please look out for news here / on twitter /  facebook page: "The Clan" We cycle for CLAN Cancer Support / and the event website . Clan's website is if you want more information on the charity itself.

A post whose success surprised me:
Bear on a chair was a sketch I posted in August 2010 and then reposted for Illustration Friday as IF: Toy.
Bear on a chair. Pen & ink. A5 sketchbook ©Sue Pownall 2010
The post that I am most proud of:
This has been the hardest one to think of, but I think it has to be my first ever post here back in September '09, as it was the first time I really put my work out there for all to see. An idea of my work.

Finally, my 5 nominations/tags to take part are:
Writer, ceramists, advocate of simple living, owner of a gorgeous boutique B&B, and my friend: Diana of A Certain Simplicity.
Fabulous photographer & Italy correspondent: LindyLou at News from Italy.
Artist: Sandra of Sandraws.
American expats in Calabria: Doug & Di of Il Terrazzo Italiano.
New twitter pal, artist and jeweller: The Hyper Monkey