Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tattooed lady

5 min warm-ups. © Sue Pownall 2011
As I'm stuck in UK, problems with paperwork for new contract yawn, I thought I would take advantage of my local drop-in life class. Despite the fact I haven't been since last summer, several people recognised me and so chatted to them in the breaks. I was preoccupied as I was going to a printers for the first time that afternoon to arrange prints of some of my work and was unsure if I've choosen the right pieces, number, size...
30 min pose © Sue Pownall 2011
Despite that, I was very pleased with my 5 min warm-up sketches and the half hour long pose afterwards. However after the break and the resumption of the long pose, I started a new piece which got too over-worked and pretty. Oh, and despite remeasuring, checking  and altering several times the hands still look too small.
arrrgh too pretty © Sue Pownall 2011
Towards the end of the class, I abandoned the pretty drawing and I grabbed a sketchbook (35x25cm), a pen and sketched the tattoos.
Pen © Sue Pownall 2011
One of the reasons I attended the class, apart from opportunity, is that I feel it is important to practise the basic drawing skills whenever possible as well as sketch and produce finished pieces. By coincidence, the fabulous writer and ceramist Diana Baur wrote a post on that this week click here to check it out. It's very worth reading.