Thursday, November 17, 2011

On the trail of a nomad.

© Sue Pownall 2011

For those of you kind enough to ask where I am and what I am doing here's a quick update, although these first photos may give a clue...
1st sunset © Sue Pownall 2011
In September I expected to return and stay in Qatar, however as I wrote in October's post WoOZ life sometimes has different ideas for us. A few people thought I was being mysterious about my plans: I wish I had been. The reality was that being left in the lurch without a job, which I must have to pay the mortgage and normal day-to-day expenses, I honestly didn't know what I was going to do or where I was going to do it, other than temporarily return to the UK.

A few days after the Edinburgh trip, I flew out of Heathrow to return to Oman, which I had left end of 2009, returning to work for my first Omani company. This time I am not in the capital, but in the interior in a town called Ibra, working for the A'Sharqiyah University.  I had my first real exploration around today, visiting the souq and one of the older parts of this town - it's actually like a series of villages. 
Watermelon seller © Sue Pownall 2011

So far I have not done any drawing, but picked up a goat's skull today, which I may draw tomorrow. I have damaged it slightly as it was quite fresh, so I used several kettlefuls of boiling water to clean it, then realised some of the very soft nasal bone has fallen away. Still it's better than any left over goat or germs hanging around I think. It is now sitting on the windowsill scaring the neighbours.