Friday, December 23, 2011

Not a Christmas tree...

Sketching at sunset
 ... but an acacia.

It doesn't feel like Christmas here, although I was invited to a Carol concert and there are Christmas trees in the malls and hotels. As this is a muslim country we don't get a holiday, however the Dean has granted us Christmas Day off. I am heading into Muscat to have Christmas dinner with friends and their family. It is winter here, daytime temperatures are down to about 22C, so we will have the pre-dinner drinks outside on the terrace. Back to work on Boxing day - 7.30am, eek!
Acacia in Alaya wadi.
Last night there was an Omani wedding celebration on the waste ground opposite the apartment, with loud Arabic music - ouds, drums, snake charmer type pipes - and clapping and singing. Nothing like Christmas Carols or Slade's 'Do they know it's Christmas?'. It was an all male celebration. I took several photos, all without flash and have one that will become an abstract as soon as I buy some more acrylics. (Mine are in Italy). I want to sketch whilst I was there, but it was too cold (around 13c) to get my hands out of my pocket and I was trying to stay fairly inconspicuous.

Wedding celebration.
Future painting!

As I didn't sketch last night, and I have been very lazy with my art due to work and other commitments, I went out this afternoon to sketch this tree.

 Merry Christmas everyone from Oman.

May God bless you and your family.