Friday, October 12, 2012

Pink ladies

WGO Pink Party A5 sketchbook © Sue Pownall 2012
On Tuesday the Women's Guild Oman held a Pink Party, a breast cancer awareness coffee morning, with profits going to both the cancer charities MacMillian, which I believe is a UK based charity, and a donation to NACA here in Oman. Not being someone who likes pink, I bought a pink scarf to wear & joined the other ladies dressed in pink for the occassion.
My scarf and invite.
No cameras are allowed in the British Ambassador's residence, which wasn't a problem for me as I sketched the ladies with my new Inktense pink pencil and new waterbrush. For some reason, as I was using a coloured pencil for the pink, I also drew in pencil when I was there. This is doubly strange as I started the first page in ink through drawing my scarf before leaving home.
Scenes from the morning A5 sketchbook © Sue Pownall 2012
 My favourite part of the morning was a poetry reading by Penny Destro from her book Frothy Coffee. Her poems are written for women and are very funny. After the reading I bought a copy as she donates 100% of the profits to NACA.