Friday, November 23, 2012

Wall painting project - Unveiled

The finished wall painting. Photo courtesy of Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art.
As I mentioned in my post Wall Painting Collaboration, I was part of a large wall painting project initiated by Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art. The unveiling was on Tuesday and was cleverly done through having lights dimmed and smoke pumped in front of the wall, which then cleared to show the painting. 
Museum director Murtadha Al Lawati unveiling the wall.
Nearly a 100 artists, both Omani and internationals, took part to complete the 100 sections. As an artist living in Oman, it was a great honour to be asked to participate. The collaboration and friendship between artists working on the project was fantastic. To be able to add my small part to the project, working alongside great Omani artists, is something I will always remember.
Some of the particpating artists. Photo courtesy of Reehan Hoosein.
The overall theme of the project was to celebrate Oman's 42nd National Day. My section represents the role of Omani women in the successful reign of HM Sultan Qaboos. Women have been a fundamental part in Oman's renaissance and I have tried to symbolically show that with my painting of veils.

 Don't forget you can see a slideshow of the day I painted here. If you are in Oman in the next 3 months, you can see the actual painting on Ghalya's museum wall.

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