Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sketches - a catchup

I have a commission to draw a house; these were in the garden.
As an artist I’ve never been so busy as this year and specifically over these last few months. This has ranged from producing illustrations for the short story site The Story Shack to the artists’ collaborative wall painting project. I have continued sketching throughout this time, but due to these other projects I haven’t posted any sketches, so today is a long catch up.
A prep sketch prior to a commission. November

A night sketch whilst waiting for a friend. October.
The last sketches shown on my blog were from the pink party. For that I bought Intense pencils and since then I have been experimenting using them with the water brush I bought in Barcelona. I think I prefer my watercolours and last weekend reverted to using them, but the pencils will be useful when wet medium is not easily used or for touches of colour as I did at the pink party.
A beach day with mum. October 2012
On a tour of Oman Flour Mills 10 Nov.
On a tour of Oman Flour Mills 10 Nov.
 I’ve also finished my A6 handbag sketchbook. It’s been lurking in the bottom of my bag for nearly 2 years. I prefer larger sketchbooks, but carry it for those in-between times, waiting for friends, sitting on buses, in waiting rooms etc.
Al Raffah Hospital September
Muscat Private Hospital, Radiology dept. Sept.

Waiting for mum at MCT international airport arrivals. Oct.
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