Sunday, March 10, 2013

Persian plums.

The Aloo Tree,  ink © Sue Pownall 2013
 I'm really enjoying being an illustrator for the short story site, The Story Shack. Not only do I get different subject matter to illustrate, but I get the opportunity to use different styles. Above is this month's illustration, The Aloo Tree, whilst below is February's, How to Fail at Telemarketing. 
Pen & watercolour wash illustration.© Sue Pownall 2013
Finally, here is January's illustration.
Coffee. Pen & coffee © Sue Pownall 2013
You can see more of my illustrations for The Story Shack by following this link: StoryShack illustrations.
Also, you can read the stories How to fail at Telemarketing  and Coffee by clicking the titles, whilst you'll have to wait to read The Aloo Tree until it's published on the 18th.

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