Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seminar sketches

Speakers and audience members, ink, 26 Feb. ©Sue Pownall 2013
This year as part of the Muscat Festival (you can see my 2012 festival sketches here, here, here, here, all posts in between until...  here), there was a Art Festival consisting of exhibitions and seminars/talks. I was able to attend four of the seminars, and took my A5 sketchbook to them all.
17 Feb Muscat projects & architects I ©Sue Pownall 2013
They were all very inspiring, I especially liked the talks given by architects with projects in the Sultanate. On another evening, artist Dominique Malarde was very interesting and I am a little annoyed that I missed her workshop due to water issues in my flat.
18 Feb Muscat projects & architects II ©Sue Pownall 2013
21 Feb ©Sue Pownall 2013

The talks were held in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque meeting hall, which is why all women, including myself, wore scarves.

My photo (in orange) in Al Watan listening to Dominique Malarde

A bonus for going to the talks in the mosque was I got to see the mosque up close at night, something a non-Muslim normally gets to do.
©Sue Pownall 2013
©Sue Pownall 2013