Wednesday, May 1, 2013


From Degas at the Royal Academy 2011

No not That Degas, but this Degas...

...a four-month old lab retriever/wadi dog puppy.

On 1st April, I picked her up off the street where she'd been hanging around work. She has a sweet nature and I had fussed her and her brother (who had a broken leg) over the previous week. However, on the morning of the 1st, I arrived at work and the security guard told me the brother had been shot but Degas escaped. (There is a big stray problem on the industrial estate and without a dog home system in Oman the police shoot them.) After making some enquiries, I put her in a box and took her home (via the vets) the same day.
A 3-month old scared puppy. 1st April
I have grown up with dogs, and one of things I did not like about my lifestyle was the fact I couldn't have a dog. I think, that having made the decision that I am moving to Barcelona by next Easter, it was easy to adopt her.
One of my 1st degas sketches. 14 April.
Naturally, having a puppy in the house has meant some big changes. 
She is the reason I am struggling to do artwork. It's hard working when you have a puppy. Either she needs 100% of my attention, or when she's asleep I'm too tired to draw. Of course I have managed a few sketches, but not many.
In the month I've had her, she's had all her vaccines, been spade, and got a chip. 
Most importantly, she has put on 4kgs and is growing fast.
19th April
This is her PLEASE play NOW face!
How can I resist?

I apologise for the infrequent blogging, for not visiting your blogs, and for generally disappearing. Normalish service will resume in a few months, when Degas is a little older, I hope.