Saturday, May 4, 2013

Everyday in May (EDiM) 2013

#3 Something that represents joy: Degas
Crazily, considering my problems drawing at the moment, having seen a couple of EDiM posts from this year's challenge, I decided to join in yesterday (3rd). I last participated in 2010, when I was in Sudan. You can see the posts by clicking this link: EDiM 2010 

#4 Draw your socks
This year I have decided not to post all the drawings on my blog, but have an album on facebook here: EDiM 2013 Facebook album It's on my facebook page, so maybe you could "like" the page whilst you check out the drawings. Judging by these first two days, it looks like my interpretation of the daily prompts will have a Degas twist.

For more details on EDiM. check out the flickr and facebook groups below for fellow EDiMers.