Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catch up: A month of sketches

Degas' headless bear. Inktense pencils. 17th December.
 Whilst I have managed to do some sketching in the run up to my exhibition, I failed to find the time to scan anything. Consequently, I'm writing this long post to catch up on sharing them. They are all from my A5 sketchbook and I seem to be using my Inktense coloured pencils a lot.
Back on the 13th November, The RAF Red Arrows came to Muscat, and I had an invitation to view their display from the Hotel Intercontinental. I took the afternoon off work, and arrived early to avoid the traffic and by coincidence had time to "draw" a cheesecake in their Majlis café, of course I ate it too. The sketch doesn't do it justice - It was yummy.
Red Arrows. Pen & coloured pencil 13/11/13
In the gardens, I sketched some of the spectators prior to the display, which was awesome. I've seen them several times over the years and this display was possibly the best. I added colour (& the planes) later in order to add context for the groups of people.
Inktense pencils 22 Nov.
22nd saw me drawing socks, which I'd put on due to  the heavy rains and drop in temperature. Degas thinks socks are the funniest things and always tries to either remove them and/or chew them whilst they are on my feet.
An action shot of Degas and my sock :(
I am a huge Dr Who fan, so the following day saw me streaming the BBC's 50th Anniversary edition. I had intended to sketch during the programme and drew my laptop/tv connected through the HDMI, doodled some logos before the start and then... got engrossed in the story. Below is the incomplete sketch, again in Inktense pencil and here is a previous Dr Who sketch from March 2012.
Two days later, I had a whole day of presentations to sit through with the day job. I took my sketchbook and pencils and proceeded to sketch throughout the day. Here are some of the pages I did complete with my notes.

On the 11th December, being 11.12.13 for us with UK date system, I had to draw soemthing. I looked around and saw this shell, which Degas had left in the lounge.
Degas's shell. Pencil
 Finally, the bear at the top of this post was sketched on the 17th. Degas loves soft toys, especially destuffing them. The bear caught my eye when she left it face down, so I had to draw it. If you want to see beautiful bear paintings, please check out my friend Sandra Busby's amazing paintings here:

So that's it, a month of sketches.

Degas and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.