Friday, January 3, 2014

Red, White & Blue

I've just had a short break as a birthday treat. It involved lots of tennis, treats, and catching up with friends. Looking at my sketches I seem to have had a red, white and blue theme running through my head/drawings. They were all done in my A5 Daler Ebony sketchbook. Hope you like them.

Red: Sat waiting for my flight to Abu Dhabi, a lopsided Christmas tree caught my eye. After inking the scene I then added red watercolour before the flight was called.
Pencil and watercolour
Blue: Once in Abu Dhabi, I went to the hotel, checked in, left my bag with the concierge and dashed straight to the Mubadala World Tennis Championship as play had already started. I normally sketch people at the tennis, so I thought I'd have a change whilst waiting for the second match. This is in pencil with watercolour and I'm not really happy with it, luckily the tennis made up for it.
Morgan's Converse. Ink & watercolour.
Red & blue: Having travelled to Doha my next sketch was of my friend's son's abandoned Converses. Followed by a sketch of her cat, Blue.
Come back I haven't finished. Pencil sketch
As the photo shows, despite being fast asleep, she suddenly got up and I was left with an unfinished sketch.
Blue: I bought myself some beads, blue of course, then drew them. Another sketch abandoned as my friend sat post shower and was a fabulous opportunity to do some life drawing.  Why blue? Because she got cold and would have turned blue if she'd sat too long.
White: 1st January My friend and I sat in the MIA (Museum of Islamic Art) Café, which has been designed by Philippe Starck, and is a beautiful complement of black and white within the off-white of the building's atrium. Lounging on white sofas with a slab of lemon cake and a huge pot of tea, I found the architecture intimidating so chose my default sketching subject; the people around. I love the Qatari's white gutrahs (scarves) and captured a few of those.
Blue: The final sketch of my trip was of a blueberry cheesecake whilst I waited for my delayed flight home from Doha.
Ink and watercolour
Proof of on-location painting
I will be posting my annual review and arty resolutions in a few days time.
Happy New Year everyone. Here's wishing 2014 brings peace and happiness.