Saturday, May 31, 2014

EDiM Part 2

#19 A rope. Ink in A4 sketchbook.©Sue Pownall 2014
It's May 31st and the end of another Everyday in May daily challenge. I've completed 26 out of the 31 prompts. I've struggled with some especially as I've wanted to do locational drawings for some of them, but the daytime temperatures here have soared to a massive 50°C (122°F). 

Day 19, above, is one of my favourites. It is incomplete as I had almost finished this old, unloved, rope tug, when Degas decided it was the ONLY toy she had to play with. Right is Degas chewing HER rope.
This Chinese cloisonné vase came from a weekend in Beijing. The prompt was something bought on a trip, but I didn't actually buy it, as it was a gift at the factory we visited on the way to The Great Wall by a lovely American lady, who said I couldn't leave without it.
#30 Something bought on a trip ©Sue Pownall 2014

Days: 17, 18, 20, 21 attempts 2 & 3, 23, 25, 26, 27, and 31 ©Sue Pownall 2014
Below is day 29's something in my favourite colour. It is easy to guess my favourite colour just by looking at the work over this month. This blue glass is part of a set I received as a secret santa present and is filled with blue & white sea glass collected  from the beach near my house. I had fun with this using Inktense pencils and watercolour.
#29 Something in my favourite colour ©Sue Pownall 2014
Which of my challenge results do you like best? Why not leave a comment below to tell me?


  1. I think they are all fab! I do love a bit of colour - but I have to say that the pen and ink rope sketch and the close up of the palm tree looks particularly intricate! :0)

  2. Such patience you must have to do the rope, it comes alive and reminds me of a living thing. The blue glass is very nice, my favorite.

  3. All great Sue, but I have to say the rope

  4. Thank you Sandra, Amy & Debra for taking the time to leave comments.

  5. Thank you Sandra, Amy & Debra for taking the time to leave a comment.

  6. I love 'em all, but that Rope is the bee's knees!!

  7. Actually this challenge has brought out some really interesting work. I like it!!! A great variety and some really difficult, I'd say. I agree with John!

    122.... Noooooooooooo thank you. Is this year warmer or is that fairly normal?


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