Saturday, May 3, 2014

Recording Britain Now

Into the Shadows. Ink. 30 x21 cm. ©Sue Pownall 2014
 This is a drawing that has lurked in my head for a few years. It first emerged as a drawing for Illustration Friday's theme crooked in September 2012 (whole post here there-was-crooked-man). I wrote then
"The stile is actually an element in a idea for a drawing I've been toying with for a couple of years, so maybe now I will start on it."
 Obviously it took a bit longer to get started on that drawing...  not until 1st March 2014 when I thought it would be perfect for the John Ruskin Prize: Recording Britain Now. I submitted the drawing on 2nd April, and heard yesterday that it had not been selected for the shortlist. Knowing 588 artists entered does not stem my disappointment.

This drawing is for sale. Please contact me if you are interested on:
studio (at)