Saturday, August 2, 2014

Parks, flowers & Shakespeare

Ink & watercolour. ©Sue Pownall
To continue my blog catch up...
The other week I ran away to Barcelona, just for a night, leaving Degas with a dog sitter. It's my favourite city, and I really want to move there. Unfortunately, circumstances are conspiring against me, for now.

I stayed in a hotel with a fantastic view of the Arc de Triomf, but chose to relax in the shade rather than sketch the view. My batteries are in desperate need of recharging.
Parc de l'Estació del Nord. Watercolour in A5 sketchbook.
That evening, I had arranged to meet friends and fellow sketchers Cesar and Miguel at a performance by Parking Shakespeare who were performing Much Ado About Nothing in Catalan (Molt Sorroll Per Res).
I can only understand a few words, but love Parking Shakespeare's outdoor performance, and first saw them in 2012. You can see the previous sketches here. Having wandered around the area and arrived at the park early, I sat down to paint the amazing mosaic mountain as I love the intense blue.I think the painting is tonally flat, but I enjoyed painting it. Then it was time for the Shakespeare and a similar drawing to last time. Again, I got caught up with the action (even with very limited understanding) and stopped drawing to watch. If you are ever in Barcelona in the summer, I would thoroughly recommend going to one of the shows: lovely setting, great acting, and it's free.
Molt Sorroll Per Res. Blue Micron in A5 sketchbook.
 The next day, I started the day with a sketch over breakfast (top). I'd spotted the building whilst heading for dinner the night before. It took me 2 cups of tea and almost an hour, which is looonnngg for me as I have the focus of a gnat. The rest of the day was spent wandering around and going to MACBA before heading back to the airport.

Unfortunately, my quick trip took rather longer than anticipated, as my car broke down on the way home from Heathrow airport. I tried sketching under the streetlights as I sat perched on a bank overlooking the M25 and my sick car, but the motorway was uninspiring. Here's the proof.
 Where is your favourite destination to run away to?


  1. I really, really like the two watercolors and the sketch is mighty cool too. So sorry your car broke down!

  2. My favourite destination is far too far away to run too at a moments notice! How nice that you could do that and such lovely sketches to show for it :0)

  3. What a great little getaway Sue! Wonderful that you have been able to take advantage of going for a quick trip. I hope the future gives you the opportunity to move to the city you love.

  4. You are such a good role model in the way that you work with sketching in your notebook, as well as painting whenever you can. I like all your pieces here! I admire how you find these opportunities to draw what you are seeing and experiencing. You're inspiring me to start carrying my notebook around too! I'm envious that you can go to places like Barcelona and watch Shakespeare in the park! Wonderful post!

    1. Thanks Katherine it's always lovely to here I inspire someone in their art.

  5. I like all of these but especially the top one. As always, your work is an inspiration.

  6. Lovely sketches Sue - especially the top one as John said. I too envy you getting to all these amazing places - hope you can get to Barcelona to live soon!


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