Saturday, August 30, 2014

Where's the time gone?

It seems like we've just registered,  but it'll be the last day tomorrow.

So far, I've met new friends and old, while sketching all over Paraty. I have had to jump up and down for warmth in Liz Steel's workshop and run inside from the rain in Paul Heaston's. Composition has been improved or distorted like a wide angle lens, whilst the high tides have flooded the streets and left us sketchers marooned until they recede.

I don't have many sketches (so far) that I wish to share due to the nature of the workshops I've attended, but I am over flowing with ideas and inspiration. For example, this afternoon I wished Gabi's talk could've gone on longer and can't wait to try Ivonesyo's lamp painting technique.

The organisers have done a great job, the sponsors generous (I especially love my #super5 pen) and the urbansketchers is such a great community that it's with mixed feelings that I prepare for tomorrow: sadness it's over for another year, but fortunate to participate.

Ps I'll upload photos when I'm on a computer and not my phone or you can checkout or my flickr where there are some.