Sunday, November 16, 2014

AEDM week 2 & the end

9th November, watercolour in moleskin sketchbook
I was doing quite well with AEDM, but have now stopped. Luckily, I have an art teaching contract to prepare for, which has moved its start date early January to 10 days away eek 
Here are my week 2 results.
9th again (missed 8th)
A second submission for the 9th - Degas eating a bone. Coloured pencil in moleskin sketchbook.
A tired girl for the 10th. Super5 pen in moleskin
Photo taken at sunrise 11th November.
 Martinmas Day (11th November) The Feast of St Martin, Martinmas was a time for celebrations with great feasts and hiring fairs, at which farm labourers would seek new posts. Since 1918 the 11th has been commemorated as Armistice Day, and all remnants of the old Martinmas celebrations have disappeared.
12th. Ink in A6 Laloran sketchbook 
I had to take my mum to the hygienist on the 12th and I sketched this whilst I waited. I have to say it's not somewhere I ever expected to sketch in and was disappointed when they finished as I hadn't got the details in I wanted to.
Super5 pen in A4 Daler sketchbook.
Finally, I drew my sketching kit for Liz Steel's course, SketchingNow Foundations Online Course. That's all my aedm for 2014. I hope you liked these week 2 results.