Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in review and resolutions

One of my last sketches from Oman.

This is how I started the year 2014:

  1. I wish to be single-minded with my art by which I mean I will be selfish with my art time and not let people nor events cut into it. The obvious exception is Degas. 
  2. I still want to move Degas and I to Barcelona, so will continue to organise my finances, whilst helping my parents.
In order for these to be goals rather than wishes, I have an amount to achieve by October. Also, I am setting aside a minimum 8 hours each weekend for art production. Finally, I want to produce a minimum of 6 ink drawings within the year.
As many of you who regularly follow me know, my year did not go to plan neither personally nor professionally. It was also a year full of highs and lows and I am still struggling for the middle ground.
44th WWSketchCrawl, Portobello Road, London.
I made several trips back and forth between Oman and UK following the hospitalisation then death of my father in January. Then I took 3 months unpaid leave through the summer, to pack up my parents' house, whilst trying to keep my mother happy, and finally moved back to the UK full-time in September. A constant throughout the year has been my guardian angel, Degas, who flew to UK with me in June and loves it here.

What                       Result              Positive thought                           .
Finances?               No                    I do have a lot of air miles though!
Barcelona?              No                  I'm in Europe.
8 hours?                  No    
6 ink drawings?      NO

As you can see above, there are only 3 ink drawings, and 1 ink and watercolour experiment. The ink boat I have just had rescanned and am looking to add some colour to it as it is flat and lacks something, so that's 2 I'm pleased with.

As my resolutions didn't go to plan, what did go well this year?

April, I ran my fourth annual charity event and raised £434.50 both through collecting at the event and an online donation site. All the money went to UNICEF UK's Children of Syria appeal.
Mayor of Colchester looking at my drawing at the opening.
July, My drawing Into the Shadows was juried into the Colchester Art Society's Summer Show.

August, I attended the 5th Urban Sketchers Symposium in Paraty, Brazil. I wrote in my first after-trip post:
"... I am jealous of the sketching others have done in that beautiful country. Whilst I had a fabulous time... I am not very happy with my sketches... obviously workshop sketches are experimentations and are not expected to be great yet... it would be nice." 
I may not have been happy with my sketching, but the wonderful people at the symposium made up for it. I re-met sketcher friends and made new ones. One of my happiest memories is sketching with the Brazilians of the sketching group, Croquis Urbanos Curitiba, on the last day.
With Croquis Urbanos Curitiba.
November, I have been taken on as an art tutor for the charity WEA and had the pleasure of teaching a sector of society I normally would not associate with. I summed up the course in this post, Lessons learnt. I really enjoyed teaching the course, and look forward to teaching more soon.
 So that was my year, now what about 2015?

Art resolutions: 
  1. Produce a series of illustrations to be sold as greeting cards.
  2. Produce a minimum of 1 fine art piece a month (preferably 2/3 per month).
  3. Enter 4 open exhibitions throughout the year.
  4. Run 4 art workshops.
  5. Participate in a group or solo show.
Marketing & networking resolutions:
  1. Post daily on FB page,
  2. Blog every Saturday or Sunday.
  3. Attend 6 networking events.
  4. Look at feasability of art fairs.
There are a few other goals I have for my art business, but I won't share them here. Let's see what the year brings.

What about you? Have you reviewed your year or set resolutions? You are welcome to leave a comment or share the link to your post here.