Thursday, March 25, 2010

First sketches from Sudan

Why is a new sketchbook so daunting? I had to contend with this fear and the fact that I was about to use my first-ever moleskin. Gulp Why do we have this fear? Do we think the first page will set the standard for the whole book, or believe that everyone will judge us by that page? 

Today I was invigilating an exam and so spent some of the time invigilating drawing Fatma & Nadia. My first marks where very wobbly, and the likenesses are not too good but I am quite pleased with how the thobes came out.

Last night, stood on my hotel balcony, I observed this man working 10 storeys up. He is stood straddling a single plank and a window, with a gap in between them. Using my old, larger sketchbook, I thought I would draw him. Quite soon after I started sketching he withdrew off the scaffolding. This is the second time I've observed very dangerous practices on the site next door, so tonight I have opened the door, but I haven't looked out.