Monday, March 1, 2010

SketchCrawl #26

 Journey down south: (top left)waiting for the coach to leave Turin; (bottom left) early Milan breakfast; (top right) gate signs; and (bottom right) waiting to board. Below is the sunrise witnessed after doing the 3rd sketch.
I'm not very happy with my lack of results this crawl. My problem was travelling most of the morning, then arriving in Orsomarso to cold & grey (there were patches of sun, whilst I was doing other things). It was to cold for me to sketch outside and the local churches would not have been any better. Still my first sketch I think is the earliest I have ever drawn. Hopefully, in May I will have someone else to sketch with, which I found to be a great motivator on #25,  and it should be warmer too.
Orsomarso clock tower from lounge window.