Monday, December 20, 2010

Sketching on National Day

National Day flags at Souq Waqif.
Saturday was Qatar's National Day and the city had a buzz, a vibrancy, that was contagious. After walking along the Corniche where the military parade had taken place ( I missed the soldiers on camels unfortunately), I headed into Souq Waqif. Whilst wandering around the cool lanes I stopped at a locals' café. I bought a couple of cups of Karak, a tea made with boiled up with canned milk, sugar and cardamom, and drew the stall opposite with its National day flags and the large flag in the next alley.
Proof I painted in situ.
Wandering into a new (for me) area of town, I came across the fascinating building below, which I had to paint. Whilst I had paintbrush in hand, paints beside me, and sketchbook in hand, a security guard asked me in a mix of English and Arabic "This inte?" (Short for - Was this painted by you?). Had to bite my tongue not to give a sarcastic response.
Initial drawing.
Building in Al Najada area.
Finally, here are some of my favourite sights of the day...
Nearly all cars had flags etc... but how does the driver see?
Qatari flag coloured clothes.
Flag waving.
Yes this is moving traffic & kids sitting on cars!