Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An experiment

After the rain. Calligraphy ink and Pen & ink. 400 x 200mm.©Sue Pownall 2011
WIP Reflection for After the rain.
Having lived in Doha for a while now, I felt I needed to do something more than sketches from here, so back in February I started fiddling with this drawing. It is an experiment based on the idea for the blue ink, which I haven't attempted yet. Initially I was going to ink the sky blue to balance the water but the problem is we don't, generally, have clouds here in Doha and I wanted a vignette effect. I did the reflection first as it was the most scary part. I've been staring at it untouched for nearly 2 weeks now and although I haven't signed it I am counting it as finished - for now.

What do you think, is it finished? Do you think the mix of styles works?

Finally, I want to apologise to everyone who's work I follow regularly, and to
those I pop into for not visiting your blogs recently. I am now limiting my internet time in order to focus on producing finished artwork and to promote myself. For example, I now have a facebook page specifically for finished artwork, which is updated regularly. I will try and visit everyone at least once a week, and please forgive me this neglect. Thank you for your understanding.