Saturday, March 19, 2011


Storm over Beirut I. watercolour. 320x240mm.©Sue Pownall 2011
Things have been going well recently from my fabulous featured artist spot on art is fun, to my inclusion in the Blog Art Exhibition (see below), and an upcoming interview for a Qatari magazine, which wishes to feature me and my art. Luckily, I have a friend who grounds me. Thursday, I worked on the study above and left it after putting in the sky and the first tones of the sea, leaving rocks unpainted. Friday, said friend pops round and asks "What's this... icebergs?".

That aside, I don't normally need to do studies for the pen & ink work I do as I can see the finished drawing in my head and know how to execute it (although of course it goes through revision as I work on it). However, painting is another matter. I knew I wanted to paint this scene and I have at least two more versions floating around my head. This one has not come out as I intended due to several factors, wrong weight paper being one - I know a poor workwoman blames her tools, but mainly due to my lack of practice and a preference for acrylics, which are unfortunately in Italy. I do like the painterly style, but... I apologise for the poor quality of the copy, I have been ill and didn't want to walk down to the copyshop to scan it.
My part in the Blog Art Exhibition started Friday over on Trade your Talent. It is another focus on my Africa work and sketches, so I guess I need to go back soon as it has been so lucky for me. I'd like to thank Martin of Kalafull for having the faith in my work to invite me to participate in the Muscat exhibition, which led to the finished pieces. Please pop over and check out the exhibition. Thanks Susanna for organising it.

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