Friday, June 10, 2011

Enlivening the canvas

Qatari Magazine Woman Today June 2011. Front cover mention & 3 page spread.

Back in March I got talking to a reporter at an International Women's Day event here in Doha. Shortly afterwards she contacted me wishing to do an article on my art and then at the beginning of April we met. I was very embarrassed to have my photo taken by the staff photographer in a local coffee shop and then felt like I stuttered through the interview. Whilst I talk about myself and my art here, in quite a personal way, face-to-face was a new experience. After a two month wait, it appeared in the new edition of the magazine yesterday.

My name is on the cover!
Due to copyright, I have made a collage of the 3 page article, but here is the link if you want to read it.

Woman Today June 2011

FYI some of the English in the quotes is not how I said it, and a few facts are off. Journalistic licence with the title too as I don't use canvas, but overall I'm really pleased with it. Well who wouldn't be? - a three page spread and my name on the cover.

Seemed to have cracked this PR thing, now if I could only get some commissions and I'll be over the moon.

If you do want to commission something, maybe a building, a landscape, or something else, please use the contact form at the top of this blog.