Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mini Artist-in-residence 2

Rajastan scarf © Sue Pownall 2012
mmmm so I turn up at Merge 104.8 for my 2nd morning sketching there, and Chris interviews me live on air. I'm sure I sounded like a complete idiot although a friend texted "SKETCH SUE! U ROCK MATE! :-D just heard yr intrview w chris on merge! " Later at an event I attended, I got "Oh that was YOU". Wasn't sure how to take that! :D 
Chris has promised me a mp3 file of it, so I may put it with a slideshow, depending how dippy I sound.
A guest in Al Wisal's studio © Sue Pownall
I was feeling tired and headachy, so I used a pencil in A5 sketchbook, but I'm not sure the 2 facts are connected especially as my default is pen. I warmed up with a couple of sketches of Chris. Then I sketched the guy being interviewed by Madiha in Al-Wisal's studio. I liked how his musar & face stood out through the maze of mike stands, hence the application of watercolour. For my penultimate sketch, it was again the flash of colour that attracted me to the sketch, in this case the beautiful Rajastani scarf. (top).
Reading the news. © Sue Pownall
The final sketch, below, was of Chris interviewing a guest and I think is the best likeness so far. I have a 3rd opportunity to sketch the station as I have been invited to their 1st birthday celebration, but it's next Thursday. I need to work out a few logistical hiccups, but I'm supposed to be going up a mountain then, so won't be able to attend the birthday bash.
Interviewing a guest © Sue Pownall
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