Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Escape from responsibilities **Editted**

Hajar Mountain View, Watercolour & pen A5 sketchbook ©Sue Pownall
Last weekend, I took a break from drawing, studying, and worrying about the day job and took a weekend trip with the fabulous The Guide Oman. Their tagline is "A Tour Company that provides one-of-a-kind adventure and fun" and they certainly do - check them out at The Guide Oman.

Of course, whilst on a break I still sketched, took lots of photos, and did the painting above. The photo below, taken at a lunchstop in the mountains, shows me with sketchbook out. hmm addicted???
Lunchstop by © Rebecca Mayston
So warm paint dried on the brush
As you may have guessed from the top sketch, the trip was up into the mountains to escape the summer heat, which has now arrived in the city. It was especially beautiful as there's been a lot of rain recently so we got to see and play in the wadis (valleys/rivers). Below are some of my favourite photos from the trip.
Overflowing Falaj, Wadi Taiyyin ©Sue Pownall
Hajar Ash Sharqi ©Sue Pownall
Looking up ©Sue Pownall
Boo ©Sue Pownall
Wadi Taiyyin ©Sue Pownall

Maybe you can come and draw there with me next time?

EDIT: Sandra commented on this post earlier "I wonder if you were to go sky-diving if you would still have your sketchbook out on the way down, lol!". The answer is ~ not on the way down, but these were drawn whilst waiting to go up and afterwards.
Pen & ink ©Sue Pownall 1987
Pencil ©Sue Pownall 1987
 The answer to the next question is -
 24 jumps, over a minute of freefall, and I worked as a rigger packing the shoots.