Monday, May 21, 2012

Nautical nonsense

Preparing to fish. Pen & ink. 360 x 220mm. © Sue Pownall 2012
This is the finished boat from my last post Not Working. I think it's come out okay. 
Bandar Al Khairan. Watercolour in A5 sketchbook © Sue Pownall 2012

Last Thursday, I went on a boat trip. Regular visitors know I do this once in a while always with camera and sketchbook in my bag. Here's last May's post Off to Sea and October 2010 DTFF & Dhow Trip. I'm not really good with being somewhere, doing nothing, for a long time...
I love going on boats, just not good with being ashore for a long time. 
Shaded view Watercolour in A5 sketchbook © Sue Pownall 2012
 Thursday was fun with fabulous food, company, lots of swimming, and playing in the sea. Towards the end I snuck off and did these 2 watercolour sketches.

Heading home from our private beach.© Sue Pownall 2012
On route back to Muscat. © Sue Pownall 2012