Sunday, September 9, 2012

Impressions of Italy

Sketching in the middle of a tributary of Fiume Argentino
I'm behind on my summer sketches, so to continue... From Barcelona, I popped over to Italy for a week. With a stopover in Milan I got to see my friend, the author, ceramicist, and B&B owner Diana Baur (checkout her site here!). Whilst waiting for my bus to take me back to the airport for my flight on to Naples, I sketched other travellers.
A5 sketchbook © Sue Pownall 2012
I was busy once I arrived in Calabria trying to sort things out with the apartment - I need to sell it - but went out one evening to sketch an old shed. Unfortunately, I hadn't used any mosquito repellent, so I quickly snapped a couple of photos, abandoned my drawing and headed back.
A5 sketchbook © Sue Pownall 2012
A couple of mornings later, I headed off to paint a ruined building at the bottom of the village. By 9.15, having completed the ink stage, it was already too hot to continue to sit in the sun, so, AGAIN, I abandoned the drawing  and took some reference photos. This time I didn't head back, but went in search of shade further down the valley.
A4 sketchbook
I ended up on a tributary of the Fiume Argentino, literally sitting in the middle of the river on a pile of stones (see top photo). It was very relaxing sitting painting in the shade, and I am quite pleased with the results.
Unfortunately, I did not get another opportunity to sketch before my homeward journey.