Friday, February 28, 2014

A few from February

Inktense pencil in A5 sketchbook
 As well as sketching at the karting event, I have managed to do a few other sketches this month.
First up, some sketches of Pound, who I was dogsitting for the weekend and sits stiller than Degas, but not much. 
Then a rainday watercolour when we had torrential rain here in Oman. I tried to capture the atmosphere in this quick sketch (that took ages to dry). I was helped by Degas with the finishing touches - a muddy nose print. There are some photos at the end of this post.
Rain day.
 Finally, I used Inktense pencils and water, to try to capture the shape of a shell I found on the beach (top). Strangly, it reminds me a seaglass in the way the rest of the shell has been worn away.
Under all this is the road to the beach.
Soggy Degas using her ears as umbrellas
View from the beach
A lull in the storms.