Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Pencil & watercolour in A4 Daler sketchbook.
Last week, I felt excited at an opportunity to sketch somewhere new and in the day-job's time...

....at a team building karting event.

I was there to support (aka chaperone) the only female trainee at the event.
Steve spectating before his race. Ink & watercolour in A4
The photo proof of sketching trackside :)
Where have you sketched in work's time? Why not tell me in a comment below?


  1. The drawings are very good and show the excitement and movement of the scene so nicely. The question of the day is: Did YOU get into one of those go-karts and race around the track too? I want to see a photo, if you did!

  2. Yes... I have the same question Katherine had... sounds like fun.

    Nope... when I was a Principal, I never had time to sketch... but I should have done it one the playground!! Would have made for some great studies!!!

  3. Thanks Katherine & Marian.

    To your question, no I didn't.

  4. Wow! Love these and what a wonderful day outing!

    I sometimes sketch at work but I think it drives Jeff nuts. :-)

  5. What a fun opportunity. Nice work sketching the karts on the track.

  6. Wow - I want to go to the kart and sketch during my work! For years I would sketch the unsuspecting folks in restaurants at lunch at work. What a joy! Those days appear to be over..

  7. Hmm... the contents of my handbag once, lol! Nothing like as exciting :0)


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