Monday, October 27, 2014

Brazil: o fim

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Remédios, Paraty.
The day after the symposium, the amazing Brazilian sketching group, Croquis Urbanos Curitiba, had a arranged a last sketch meet. I finished my concertina sketchbook at the meeting point then walked around the corner to sketch the largestest of Paraty's churches, Igreja Nossa Senhora do Remédios, which had been decked out in banners for its festival. Despite my wibbly perspective I'm pleased with the result.
 More goodbyes as the Croquis Urbanos Curitiba left to catch their flights, and I went to sketch more of Paraty. First up the church, Capela Nossa Senhora das Dores, which I didn't draw on Norberto's workshop.
Capela Nossa Senhora das Dores
Next, I made a study of the low tide.
Finishing the day where I started, I drew the people gathering for mass in the church of Nossa Senhora do Remédios.
Mass in Igreja Nossa Senhora do Remédios.
 Sadly, I was leaving Paraty and Brazil the next day. I took a pre-breakfast walk, savouring the sunrise.
Adeus Paraty
After breakfast in the pousada, I finally got around to sketching their amazing entranceway full of plants as  my last Paraty sketch.
Pousada do Sono
However, I made a last, last sketch whilst waiting for the Rio bus.
That brings me to the end of my Brazilian adventure. 

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